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The Willow Park Curriculum Intent

The Willow Park vision of ‘Be the Light’ encourages everyone – children and adults – to be the best they can be – both as learners and as global citizens, locally and globally.

Our broad and balanced curriculum at Willow Park is based on our vision – our curriculum is engaging and exciting and inspires creativity and curiosity in all. As a small, culturally and spiritually rich school in the centre of a diverse city, we value individuality and inclusivity that is reflected in the curriculum that we offer.

Being in the centre of Bristol, we can offer unique experiences of having so many opportunities on our doorstep within walking distance. Children regularly explore their local environment through trips and visitors in order to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the world around them, whilst building on their learning in the classroom.

Oracy is a driving force of the curriculum and permeates all that we do. Willow Park is a uniquely diverse community with approximately 20 languages spoken from all around the world, and we celebrate this through our curriculum by incorporating speaking and listening into all aspects of learning, encouraging children to be confident in communicating.

We are supported by the ‘Curious-City’ catalyst framework approach developed by ‘Lighting Up Learning’. The framework empowers us to be enquiry led and focused on both the disciplines and substance of what needs to be learnt. Every enquiry starts with a cognitively appropriate question which provides purpose and direction to learning. By asking ‘What’s underneath our feet?’ when learning about rocks, volcanoes and earthquakes, or ‘What’s my hat made of?’ When studying materials, children are required to consolidate their learning and give answers to these broader questions having completed a challenge. Each enquiry starts with a hook into their learning and ends with a challenge that is also celebrated with other members of our school community.

Through our curriculum, we aim for our children to leave Willow Park as confident and independent learners that will be role model citizens in our ever changing world.

Curriculum maps

Every term, teachers create curriculum maps, so that parents can keep up to date with what their child is learning. You can find them on class pages, or click the buttons below.