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Owl Class – Year 6

Welcome to our class page!

We wish you a bright and warm welcome back to a new school year in a brand new school! Our first week at Willow Park has flown by and your children have stepped up to make Owl Class welcoming and vibrant, just as we knew they would.

With school life having returned to as close to normal as possible, it has been delightful to be able to use all of the school’s playgrounds for roaming play across all year groups, seating children in table groups again to encourage a more social and collaborative approach to learning, and last, but not least, a return to singing together. As Music leader and singing assembly teacher, it has been magical to lead the whole school in song again!

Image of Barn Owl

Key information

In Owl Class this year, you will find:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Teacher Vicky Leaker Linnea Strand
TA Karen Bryant Rob Browne

Please send your child to school with a reusable water bottle. If you wish, the bottle can be kept in school, refilled daily by your child and brought home for cleaning at the weekend. We are very keen to avoid single use plastic bottles.

Take a moment to ensure all your child’s clothes are clearly labelled. It saves so much time and worry (and potentially money).

Your child is welcome to bring a small, healthy snack to eat at playtime: fresh fruit which they can peel themselves if necessary or dried fruit in a small pot or bag.

If you have not already done so, please fill in the GDPR and consents form which was handed out last week, as having this information early in the year makes it much easier for teachers to document learning.

Reading and spelling

Your child will now be able to take books home from school and we encourage them to read aloud to you. Please record their reading in their Reading Record and sign to say you have heard your child read. Frequent reading to an adult brings so many benefits to your child’s reading. Reading Records will be checked in school every week.

Your child will get a Weekly Spellings booklet with a set of spellings to learn each week. Spellings will be tested in school each week, day of the week to be confirmed.

PE and swimming

Your child will be doing PE on a Thursday afternoon, so will be expected to arrive at school in their PE kit on Thursdays.

On Friday afternoons, Owl Class will go swimming. In the interest of hygiene, we ask that children do not wear their swimming costumes or trunks underneath their school clothes throughout the day, but use the changing rooms as directed to change into their swimming clothes before the session.

As your child’s teachers, we are available to speak to parents in the playground after school. Should you wish to speak to either of us more privately concerning a confidential issue, do not hesitate to speak to the office to arrange a time.

Linnea Strandh, Vicky Leaker, Karen Bryant, Rob Browne