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Starling Class – Year 1

Welcome to our class page!

We delighted to be able to welcome you to Term 6 of the 2021-22 academic year.

We are almost at the end of our school year so, I am excited to welcome you to Term 6 of the 2021-
22 academic year.
This term our enquiries are “What grows near me?” being Scientists and “What might I do in the
future?” being mainly Philosophers. This term looks like it is going to be a fun and interesting one!


Miss Alicia Martinez Fernandez (Class teacher)
Ms. Rebecca Hardy (TA) Morning
Mrs. Daniela Qureshi (HLTA) Monday afternoon and Friday morning

PE Days

Monday and Wednesday – Your child should come to school dressed in PE kit.


Children are expected to read at home every day for approx. 10 minutes. They can change their books any time, but we recommend to read each book at least a couple of times.

We will be checking their Reading Records weekly, where you can leave a short comment as evidence of reading at home.

Children will take books from school. If you are looking for more, please click on: Books for Year 1 pupils aged 5-6 in KS1 | School Reading List

You can’t go wrong if you encourage your child to read some of the books on the list.


We will provide children with fruit at play time, but they can bring a piece of fruit or a plain biscuit from home too – it’s a busy morning and a long time until lunch.

Miss Alicia Martinez Fernandez