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We have currently got places in all year groups!


Years 1 to 6

If you are considering Willow Park for an older child, please contact our office team We will be happy to arrange a guided tour.


Admissions & Applications

Bristol City Council handles the admissions process for Willow Park Primary. Please click here for the school admissions page.

Reception places for September 2023 /2024

Each year, we offer 30 Reception places. Reception children are taught in our Robin class. Click here for more information about starting school.

Bristol City Council accepts applications for Reception places from September to 15 January. Offers for places are being sent out in April.

If you have accepted a place with us, we will contact you in June with information about the start of the school year in September.

Children in Reception will experience a phased entry into school in September. The phased entry allows our Reception team to ensure that every child is settled into the start of their school life with care.

All children will be visited by the Robin class team in their homes at the start of the school year; this allows for a great beginning to our partnership with you.

Applying for in-year admissions and Year 1 to 6

If you would like to apply for a place in our school during the school year, click here to apply via Bristol City Council.

When you have received notification that you have been allocated a place at Willow Park and made contact with us, we will invite you to come into school to complete some essential paperwork.

Please bring your and your child’s passports and your child’s birth certificate as well as details of your GP.


Secondary school admissions

Please click here for information about secondary school admissions:

If your child is starting Year 6 in September 2023 you need to apply for a secondary school place by 31 October.

Bristol City Council School Admissions Team

School Admissions Department
Bristol City Council (City Hall)
PO Box 3176
Bristol, BS3 9FS

Opening hours

Telephones: 9am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 4:30pm Friday.

Closed Wednesday until 12noon for staff training.

Email: school.admissions@bristol.gov.uk

Tel: 0117 903 7694